Scale Your AI Innovations
Empowering AI innovation with cost-efficient, easy-access GPU cloud.
Cost savings upto 50%
Slash your cloud costs in half, not your capabilities.
Hourly cost per NVIDIA A100 SXM GPU for on-demand cloud
Pay For What You Use
Flexible, on-demand GPUs from $0.35/hour. Only pay for what you use.
Simplify AI with ease: 3 clicks
Instant access to Jupyter, pre-installed with popular ML frameworks like cuDNN, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Jupyter, Llama3, CUDA, TensorRT and Stable Diffusion. InfrAI enables instant access to GPU cloud services directly through your browser.
Free, large-capacity storage,
no transfer fees.
Get 100GB free
Store as much as 2 Llama-3-13b models!
Cloud Storage
Quickly attach and scale volumes from 5GB to petabytes, easily switching between containers and VMs.
Scale storage easily
From 5GB to petabyte levels swiftly.
Global Reach, Local Speed:
Deploy GPUs Anywhere, Instantly
Deploy GPUs globally, close to your users for minimal latency. Our worldwide nodes ensure fast, local access everywhere.
Easy-to-use APIs
Manage and optimize your workflows with our developer-friendly API, allowing you to launch, terminate, and restart instances effortlessly. Discover more in our API developer docs.
Always-On GPU Support, backed by trust
Always-On Support
Our tech team is ready to solve your GPU cloud issues anytime.
Contact us immediately